Updating Some Older Posts



This is just a brief notice to say that some of my older, more personal content doesn't meet my current standards for how I want to express myself, and the posts have been unpublished until I have time to review and make appropriate edits. I am hoping to be able to update some of these posts over the holiday break in December but we'll see. I wrote several posts in prior years where I was pretty personal, and I think that it's important to share my experiences for the benefit of others who may be going through similar things, but I also don't like the way I expressed myself at the time.

Unpublished posts may still be reachable by direct link, but will not appear on the Posts page and will not count toward tag counts or appear in the "Posts tagged:" pages.

I would also like to update thumbnails for all of my older posts, since my new blog engine needs a thumbnail and header image to display, while my old one was indifferent to them. I will be updating these gradually over time. Anything displaying "Temporary Thumbnail" image was created prior to updating my blog engine.

Finally, I may take an editing pass on older programming related content in the future, but that's a lower priority than other steps listed here.

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